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Fashion Simple Women’s Matte Scrub Ballerina


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Product information:

Net content: 24 pieces/box

Color JP820-Y8-B1 Glue type frosted deep burgundy ballet armor, JP820-Y9-B1 glue type frosted white ballet armor, JP820-Y10-B1 glue type frosted black ballet armor, JP820-Y11-B1 glue type frosted granny gray ballet armor ,JP820-Y12-B1 Glue Type Frosted Dark Blue Ballet Armor,JP820-Y13-B1 Glue Type Frosted Light Wine Red Ballet Armor,JP820-Y14-B1 Glue Type Frosted Cherry Blossom Purple Ballet Armor,JP820-Y15-B1 Glue Type Frosted Light Coffee Ballet Armor,JP820-Y16-B1 Glue Scrub Deep Coffee Ballet Armor,JP820-Y18-B1 Glue Scrub Light Skin Ballet Armor,JP820-Y19-B1 Glue Scrub Olive Grey Ballerina,JP820-Y20-B1 Glue Scrub Nude Skin Ballet Armor,JP820-Y21-B1 Glue Style Frosted Deep Rose Ballet Armor,JP820-Y22-B1 Glue Style Frosted Peacock Blue Ballet Armor,JP820-Y23-B1 Glue Style Frosted Deep Purple Ballet Armor,JP820-Y24-B1 Glue Scrub Sakura Purple Ballet Armor,JP820-Y25-B1 Glue Scrub Barbie Powder Ballet Armor,JP820-Y26-B1 Glue Scrub Bean Paste Ballet Armor,JP820-Y27-B1 Glue Scrub Meat Skin Color Ballet Armor,JP820-Y28- B1 Glue Type Frosted Light Powder Ballerina Armor,JP820-Y29-B1 Glue Type Frosted Dark Green Ballet Armor,JP820-Y30-B1 Glue Type Frosted Pumpkin Ballet Armor,JP820-Y31-B1 Glue Type Frosted Green Ballerina Armor,JP820-Y32 -B1 Glue Type Frosted Light Purple Lei Dance Armor, JP820-Y34-B1 Glue Type Frosted Red Lei Dance Armor, JP820-Y35-B1 Glue Type Frosted Chinese Red Lei Dance Armor, JP820-Y36-B1 Glue Type Frosted Brown Lei Dance Armor Armor,JP820-Y37-B1 Glue Type Frosted Jelly White Ballet Armor,JP820-Y38-B1 Glue Type Frosted Lavender Ballet Armor,JP820-Y39-B1 Glue Type Frosted Jelly Purple Ballet Armor,JP820-Y40-B1 Glue Type Frosted Sky Blue Ballet Armor,JP820-Y41-B1 Glue Style Frosted Dark Skin Ballet Armor,JP820-Y58-B1 Glue Style Frosted Dark Green Ballet Armor,JP820-Y59-B1 Glue Style Frosted Dark Green Ballet Armor,JP820-Y60-B1 Glue Scrub Green Ballet Armor,JP820-Y61-B1 Glue Scrub Flesh Skin Color Ballet Armor,JP820-Y62-B1 Glue Scrub Deep Purple Ballet Armor

Packing list: 

24 pieces of nails + 1* glue

Additional information

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 139 × 89 × 32 cm

Black, Brown, Dark Blue, Dark green, Dark skin, Deep coffee, Deep purple, Deep rose, Deep wine red, Flesh complexion, Frosted dark purple, Frosted flesh complexion, Frosted green, Granny grey, Green, Jelly white, Lavender, Light coffee, Light pink, Light purple, Light wine red, Nude skin tone, Olive grey, Peacock blue, Pink, Pumpkin color, Red, Sakura purple, Sky Blue, Transparent purple, White


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