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Glitter Red Wave Pattern False Nails Long Coffin Full Press On Fake Nails Décor


Product: Fake Nails, Artificial Nails, False Nails Tips

Material: ABS Plastic

Package includes: 24pcs/set Nail Tips+1 ml Nail Glue

Purpose: General purpose

Color: Multi-color

Weight: 0.20 – 0.50 grams depending on packaging and style/color.

Measurement and Color Deviation: Please allow slight differences due to manual procedures.

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Durability: Exceptional durability, ensuring long-lasting wear and chip resistance.

Comfortability: Crafted with a natural curve, providing a comfortable fit for various nail shapes.

Versatility: Comes in a versatile range of sizes, allowing for easy customization and a perfect fit.

Effortless Application: Designed with a smooth surface, making them ideal for effortless application of nail polish or nail art.

Quality: Made from high-quality materials, ensuring a realistic look and feel that rivals natural nails.

Simplicity: Quick and simple application process.


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